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We believe that the richest curriculum prepares students for the real world. The Eastern Christian graduate is prepared to be a person of Christian vision and influence who seeks to renew all creation for God’s kingdom. It is our goal to produce Christian leaders in every field so that EC graduates can transform the world for Jesus Christ.


Bible Curriculum

We’re Eastern Christian School for a reason. The Bible is at the heart of everything we do. Our entire curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective. Every student studies the Bible as an academic offering. But the Bible goes far beyond the Bible class. We teach and model a Christian world and life view for our students. The means that we view everything through the lens of scripture. As a school with Reformed DNA, we seek to engage the world with our Christian worldview for the Kingdom of God. For more information on the Bible curriculum on each campus, please view our course catalog and curriculum guides.


Service Learning & Missions

Faith is most concrete when it is put into action. Our students are challenged to live out their faith through age-appropriate service learning opportunities. For our preschoolers, this means a trike-a-thon to help raise money for St. Jude’s childhood cancer research. Elementary school students raise funds to support local and global ministries. Our middle school Make-a-Difference (MAD) program works in local communities to tackle issues like poverty and disability. For our high school students, service learning includes fundraising, local work, and opportunities to serve local and abroad to address issues of global poverty, education, and human rights.

Faith in Action (FIA) is an opportunity for students to serve as the hands and feet of our Savior through middle school and high school.

Make a Difference (MAD) is the service learning component of our middle school program.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is the primary service learning aspect of our elementary school program.

Missions opportunities at EC are provided primarily through our Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Service class. 



Chapel is probably our favorite weekly activity. It’s the only time each week that the entire campus is together in the same space. After a time of praise and worship, guest pastors, youth pastors, or EC faculty deliver a Biblical message to the students. Parents and family friends are welcome to worship with us anytime!


High School Chapel

Chapel at Eastern Christian High School is a time when the student body and faculty come together as a community for a time of spiritual growth and focus on God. Chapels are organized by the Bible and Worship class under the direction of faculty. Parents are invited to attend any of our chapels. We just ask that you check in at the front office upon arrival.

Middle School Chapel

Each academic year our chapel worship and small group discussions are shaped by a biblical theme. Weekly, Scripture is at the heart of our corporate chapel worship and our alternating small group discussion groups. Corporate chapel worship, which typically begins with Scripture and prayer followed by singing and a message, alternates every other week with student led small group discussions the following week. This small group time every other week allows our students to dig deeper and apply God’s word with their peers.

Upper Elementary School Chapel

Upper Elementary School chapel is held every week. Chapel worship includes prayer, singing and a message based on our spiritual theme or core values as well as opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. These roles may include sharing a reflection on Scripture from personal quiet time, praying during our chapel service, or helping to lead the praise time.

Parents, grandparents and friends are always welcome to join us for chapel.

Elementary School Chapel

Chapel at Eastern Christian Elementary School is held every week. Chapel worship includes singing and a message based on our spiritual theme or core values.

Additionally, each grade level produces a special chapel program throughout the year to correspond with a particular holiday. Parents, grandparents and friends are always welcome to join us for chapel.


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