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A calm and confident presence for our youngest students, Sandra Bottge has been our beloved Midland Park principal for 18 out of her 34 years at Eastern Christian School! We are pleased to celebrate her during this National Principals Month and are very thankful for her faithful stewardship of thousands of students over the years.

Name one thing you love about being principal!

I love interacting with the students from greeting them in the morning to playing with them on the playground and visiting them in their classrooms. I love being part of our great, collaborative staff and partnering with parents. 

What is your favorite memory at Eastern Christian School?

I love worshiping with our preschool and elementary school students in chapel. Watching the students praise God with innocence and pure joy each week is an amazing blessing. 

In your role as principal, what are you most excited about this year? 

I’m very excited about our spiritual theme this year (I say that every year). I’m looking forward to helping our youngest students learn how to Seek Truth and then find appropriate ways to Speak Truth with their words and actions. 

Why did you want to work in a Christian school environment?

I love working in an environment where I can speak freely about my faith and pray with my colleagues and students. I love to help students Seek Truth through chapel messages and as we explore God’s creation on the playground. I couldn’t imagine working in an environment where I had to separate my love for Jesus from my love for my students. 

What makes Eastern Christian School distinctive?

The partnership that we have not only with parents, but also with churches, is very unique. Eastern Christian has always referred to the three legged stool of home, school and church. This partnership is integral in helping students develop a solid Christian worldview.

What is one thing interesting about you that people might not know?

My favorite class in college was Cross Cultural Studies. I traveled across the country and spent time on a Navajo reservation teaching second graders at a Navajo school.

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